Fighting The Good Fight; Whatever It May Be


I had an amazing conversation yesterday. We discussed the fact that as I work towards my environmental/life goals I feel I have stagnated in my efforts. I was not sure if I am normalizing and assimilating my actions or if I need to work harder to become the lean, green self-sustaining machine I am trying to be. So to refocus my journey here is a list of hot topics close to my heart that I want to be in the forefront of my mind and actions:

  • Driving less, bicycling and getting around on foot more. Not necessarily completely car-free but certainly not car dependent
  • Saving water: Using less, reusing greywater, collecting rainwater. Every drop counts
  • Reducing food waste
  • Stopping humanure/biosolids from entering our food system and waterways
  • Becoming debt free again (mortgage is acceptable but I would prefer to be totally without debt)
  • Reducing chemicals in my life including plastic
  • Knowing what I am eating and making informed decisions about what I put in my body
  • Working towards a simplified, zero waste life
  • Buy local, eat local
  • Self-sufficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly, community minded living

Some of these points overlap, some of these things are interconnected but all are important to me and worth my time and effort.


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