I Have Time On My Hands… Finally

Keywound 2-Bell 30-Hour Chrome Alarm Clock

Home Hardware came through on the homesteading front again with this great keywound alarm clock. I want to mention that if you find something on their website, you can order it through your local store and skip delivery and online payment and just pay for it and pick it up in store when they call you to let you know that it has arrived.

My new clock features:

  • Traditional double bell
  • 30 hour wind movement
  • Luminous hands and dial
  • Chrome coloured finish

The numbers on the face are large enough to see without my glasses on and the alarm is not so violently loud that I think that I live in the Firehouse during an emergency.

The price was about $17.00 including taxes. It is so hard to find a windup clock nowadays that I pounced on it.

This is one less item dependent on electricity or batteries in my humble abode and that my friends is ALWAYS a good thing!

No more need for wakeup concierge calls from whatever person who decided to hang out with me that early in the morning.

Hooray for little changes in a greener direction!


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