Counting Sheep Is Not The Only Way To Get Good Night Sleep

Im Two Tired Too Tired Sleepy Bicycle Pillow Case

There are moments when I just shake my head. In my quest to live a zero waste lifestyle, to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly, reduce reuse and recycle, upcycle, repurpose, go green, grow green, save green, be green, I wonder if I will ever get there. You know, the place where my actions are making a difference in this world. It seems everything is bad for the environment, unhealthy for our bodies, or causing irreparable damage to species you have never heard of in a rainforest you have only seen pictures of on the internet. Things bought are made by people who are modern day slaves working in poor conditions and conveniently those products are seen disposable too. It is disturbing. Instead of getting overwhelmed I keep making changes. I do not care if they seem insignificant or down right over the top, I am making a commitment to live in a manner I deem responsible.

So today I am working on making a standard size pillow for sleeping on. I realize this seems innocuous enough; possibly even mundane like an eighth grade sewing project gone a little weird. I have been wanting to remove plastic from my life and I figured going after my bedroom would be a very satisfying location to start. We spend on average eight hours a day between the sheets snoozing so I rather not be wrapped up in plastic like a steak in saran wrap at the supermarket. I have been working on making a patchwork comforter out of old blankets I got at the MCC Thrift store. That project was coming along quite well when I realized my pillow I lay my head on night after night is stuffed with plastic. This notion is more than a little uncool so I needed to find a pillow that is made of natural fibres. I had a Merino wool blanket that is beyond soft but had a tear in the material so I decide to sacrifice it to the sewing gods in hopes that my sleep becomes plastic free and more healthy. I bought raw wool at an auction last year which I washed myself and now I am hand carding it to stuff my all natural, all wool pillow!

Wool is said to be hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, as well as mould and mildew. Wool wicks away moisture more efficiently, it is also supposed to be flame retardant. It is a natural fibre and no animals were harmed in the removal of the wool. As far as chemicals used when processing it, I used dish soap and hot water to clean the fibres.

I have to say I am pretty excited about finishing up and using my new plastic free pillow!


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