Chuck Norrish: Getaway Like A Boss

After debating if I was up to snuff for going downhill mountain biking we decided to take it easy and go hiking up Upper Suicide also known as Norrish Creek in Mission BC. After a meandering drive up a gravel logging road we parked and took a stroll down a side road until we came to the water. The boulders were smooth and we bounded along until we can to a spot where the green water pooled deeply enough to swim. It was cold water in a mineral green hue. After enjoying a beer and the sun and a swim we hopped out and decided to mountain goat it up the rocks to meet up with a trail in in the forest looming above the edges of the gorge. I kept in my water shoes and swung my combat boots over my shoulder while we explored unique rock formations and shallow cave along located mid way above the water below and cliff edge above. There was a point when I cried chicken shit squatting on the cliff’s edge before we descended down again. I went with little squawking. I was willing to accept that they knew better than me and if they believed I could do this I would not have an issue so I bucked up and climbed with ease. Trust me I was grinning on the inside for getting it done.

When we finally met up with the road we walking in on we got going back to the car and drove down to Part 2 of the adventure which was cruising around Lower Suicide. We checked out the graffiti and wandered over the railway bridge before hitting the water below and waiting for a train to pass over us. There were fish and lizards and children as part of the local wildlife here. I got a wet hug from Oscar who would not let me have his ball but was happy for a pet from anyone. I sat under a tree gnawed by a beaver and felt the train pass next time me. It was a good day filled with so much beauty and growth.


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