Purging In The Bathroom

After I stopped using most chemical based bathroom products I went through and threw out or gave away a lot of items.

I finally have decided I still have too many toiletries that are not getting used up so I am going to purge my bathroom clutter!

I am going to only keep the bathroom items I use and need and throwing out or giving away everything else.

Imagine all the space this is going to free up under my sink, in the medicine cabinet and on my bathroom shelf. I am actually going to be able to find I am looking for! It is funny the things we keep. I look at all the products I used to buy and thought that I needed and wonder about the person I once was. This is part of my journey to simplify my life; to be more healthy and environmentally friendly. I think I have really coming a long way and I look forward to continuing on in the same direction!


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