What Time Is It? It’s Time To Get New Clock

Sharp Twinbell Quartz Analog Alarm Clock

Why is it so hard to find a wind up alarm clock? *Puts on her tinfoil hat* I am really not into having things plugged in and exuding invisible electromagnetic umpaloompa vibes right next to my brain when I am sleeping and honestly I don’t want anything that uses electricity wantonly. I am also sure that my requests for concierge calls in the morning will eventually end as I do not live in a hotel and people don’t really want to call  to get me up in the morning. So what is a girl to do? I might have to stoop to special ordering. They are cheap enough to buy, just hard to find. My current electricity draining, no longer alarm creating clock offers the ambient glow of the red light district so I think the unlit face of an analog clock will offer better sleep. My only hope is that the double bell alarm won’t make me think there is a fire down town. On the upside I can get dressed and out the door in only a few minutes and I am pretty talented with a fire extinguisher but I don’t think they will let me drive the big red truck. *Sigh* It’s not easy being green… No wait, it is, and the efforts are totally worth it. *High fives all around*.


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