Learning From Plastic Free July

I have one week left from Plastic Free July and I figured now was as good of time as any to reflect on what this experience was like. It was wrapped in Plastic. Seriously; plastic is unavoidable but take heart, the effort to reduce it is worth it. The best I could do is I shopped as little as possible.

I had already been gearing life towards reducing plastic. I am storing food in my pantry in jars, and I got rid of cling wrap and baggies eons ago.I still buy freezer bags to preserve food but I am notorious for washing and reusing them until they no longer function.

I admit there was a few coffees that involved plastic cup and lid and straw. Unfortunately I could not bring my own cup there and I drank up my caramel ice coffee and felt uber guilty. I mean seriously that foible involved two of the top four should be avoided single use plastic offenders. *Hangs head in shame*.

Even when I pack a lunch there is plastic in my soft cooler, plastic in my tupperware items, plastic made ice pack and plastic around that sleeve of cookies my mom gave me. My tea bag came from a plastic bag inside the cardboard box and it stays in my plastic reusable water bottle. Seriously I am trying to avoid plastic  and I have cut out a lot of single use items (do I at least get kudos for the metal flatware I brought?)

So as I head into the last week of plastic free July I realize that I still buy too many items that are wrapped in plastic.  I need to consume less. Buying less means bringing home less plastic and less plastic is a good thing for everyone except maybe the people who make single use plastic items.

On the up side I really did cut out a lot of plastic. I started using more reusable cloth items instead of their plastic counterpart. I did not buy milk in a plastic jug and I made sure my eggs are only in cardboard cartons and I make sure they get reused rather than recycle them.

I am still producing more garbage and recycling than I am comfortable with but I am moving in a positive direction. This has been an eye opening experience and I plan to keep removing plastic from my life. Baby steps.


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