Easy Tzatziki

I finally found yogurt cheap enough to entice me to buy it and satisfy my yearning. I bought a large container of Balkan style yogurt for $2. I was ecstatically fantasizing about all the things I would make with it, but specifically I craved Tzatziki.

I brought home some free cucumbers I received when sorting food that was rescued from being thrown in a dum(b)ster and I was eager to Tzatzikify one of them. I figured Tzatziki was a proper way to celebrate this gorgeous cucumber. I also had a lovely sweet, white onion I received in my CSA box that was willing to jump right in to my little Greek inspired snack.

Here is the recipe. Use what you have in the house and don’t fret about the rest. The only ingredients that are vital are cucumbers and plain yogurt. The rest just makes it taste right.


One cucumber

A little white onion (used what you have, green onion or yellow onion is perfect. Onion adds a really important flavor but if you want to you can skip it.)

About 3 generous spoonfuls of plain yogurt (I used Balkan, you can use Greek or regular) If you want thick tzatziki use thicker yogurt or strain regular yogurt in a thin cloth)

Spices I used: garlic, dill, cayenne, black pepper, salt and celery salt. (you could use cumin or whatever you like) I used dry herbs this time but fresh herbs make everything better

A splash of lime or lemon juice (I love to add this but I did not have any so I left it out and the recipe was still good


Finely chop the onion and salt it

Using a grater grate the whole cucumber skin, seeds and all. (You can be picky and peel it and de-seed it, but why waste food?) If you want your tzatzkiki less watery you can pat the shredded cucumber dry with a tea towel but I don’t bother.

In a bowl mix onion and cucumber together with the spices you have chosen. Add the three generous spoons of yogurt and eat it right out of the bowl.

You don’t want to eat it right out of a bowl? Fine, you can serve it with crackers or bread or meat or seafood, it is amazing on pita or used as a veggie dip or a dip for naughty treats like potato chips. I personally just eat it straight out of the bowl. Seriously yum.


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