Farm 2 Food Bank: Filling Stomachs Not Dum(b)sters

Today I was gifted the opportunity to help sort through potatoes, cucumbers and zucchini which were rescued from being thrown away and will be given to community organizations as raw produce or processed by volunteers to be put up for the food bank.

Farm to Food Bank started in 2013, a partnership between Abbotsford Food Bank, dragonlily gardens, and Valley Permaculture Guild, as an initiative to address the lack of healthy food access by families who attended the food bank, which services 3000 people a month, 1300 of whom are children. Instead of starting new agricultural initiatives that would be heavily grant-dependent, our team chose to utilize resources that already exist in the Fraser Valley, choosing to partner with local farms, local organizations, and local volunteer groups. Together, this Team has seen formidable impact on food security across the Fraser Valley, adding new cities every year to F2FB, through our Farm, Community, and Receiving Partners, saving local community service organizations upwards of $50,000 annually in purchasing costs

It was amazing to see what people can accomplish! I found out about the Farm 2 Food Bank and Food Preservation Blitzes on Facebook through the Fraser Valley Permaculture Guild. The owner of Dragonlily Gardens is the fire behind these projects. Today 5000 pounds of food were saved from being thrown out. This was just from one farm. Imagine how many people will be able to be fed with 5000 pound of food? I have learned so much about food waste and food security in the last few years that to be able to see such positive efforts in my own community gave me such hope and inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to witness change in action. For this I feel truly blessed.


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