Make Mayonnaise Homemade

It is summer and I have farm fresh eggs in my life and therefore I shall have homemade mayonnaise!

I have been trying different recipes and I think I finally have a no-fail recipe for mayonnaise.

You will need a measuring cup and an emulsion blender for this method.


crack a farm fresh egg into the measuring cup (a cup is important to the blending technique, a bowl doesn’t work as well. You want a cup that will let your emulsion blender reach the bottle but not so big that there is a lot of room in the cup around the blender blades).

add a splash of apple cider vinegar

add a squirt of mustard

let ingredients warm up to room temperature

once room temperature use the emulsion blender on high and keep it going

SLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOWLY drizzle in a little olive oil

I didn’t tell you to stop blending! KEEP BLENDING!

SLOWLY drizzle in more olive oil while continuously blending (this is going to take a while)

This should be a very slow drizzle of oil while blending!

By the time you add the all the oil needed (which should feel like an eternity) you should be measuring about 1 cup of mayonnaise

At this point you can use it. It will be thin but you can still spoon it up. (I put mine right into my potato salad) or you can put it into the fridge to thicken up a little  (then it will be great spread onto bread!)

Ddd a little salt and more mustard if you wish


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