Barefoot Bike Ride

For me riding a bike has always been soul bearing so why shouldn’t it be bare soled now and again? I have always felt free on my bicycle. I love getting somewhere under my own steam, exposed to the elements and in touch with nature. There is something to be said for the slower pace of bicycle travel. You notice more, you become in tune. The other day I was leaving my house in the city and when I came to the farmland it struck me that I needed to be barefoot. Even as the sun sleepily worked its way into bed the air was heavy with the warm scent of raspberries and I could not seem to shake the afternoon heat. I turned onto a side road and carefully removed my shoes and hung them over the frame of my bike. As soon as my soles hit the petals I was having a totally different experience. Feeling the breeze tickle my toes cooled me off instantaneously. The serrated plastic petals took some getting use to as I ascended the country roads.  If I choose to bike barefoot more often I might decide to buy different petals but for now this is okay.

This was a wow moment for me.

Mt. Baker watched me from afar, cool and inviting, he beckons me to visit and I think I will eventually take him up on an offer. First I have to find my strength and endurance. It is a slow but rewarding journey to find myself. In the last few years life made me soft and my body became unfamiliar to me. I kept putting off biking because honestly I thought it was frivolous to take time for myself but in the last few weeks I decided I was worth taking time for. A little me time is important to my overall health and well being. I already see changes happening. I ride farther. I ride harder but with less effort. I spend less time in the “easier” gears. Hills seem less daunting and I have to dismount less frequently. I find I am breathless less. My body is also changing noticeably for the better. I may not have the body I once had in my youth but I am getting there! The funny part is my skin color. I have always been porcelain skinned to the point of being glow in the dark. Recently though my freckles have started to join together and there is a hint of color between them. Could this possibly be a tan? Indeed I would go so far as saying I have the beginnings of a farmer’s tan! Not the most attractive look but I will wear it as a badge of honor for all the effort.

When I ride my bicycle I must be grinning because more people take the time to say hello now. Happy should always be a constant state of being. Don’t forget to do what makes you happy. Life is short!


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