Hippy Haircuts


I have been cutting my hair myself since I was was really young. I was in Grade school the last time I went to a hairdresser who brushed my curly hair out dry and almost made me cry. Now it is just me wielding a pair of scissors in the bathroom; at least I am not running with said scissors. I actually am decent enough I have given my significant others haircuts for decades.

I used to dye my hair but now I do not want the chemicals. I would use a myriad of store bought chemicals and potions to tame my curly mane. Now I use baking soda to wash my hair, occasionally I use white vinegar as a clarifier (whatever that really is) basically I use it because I like the feel of my hair and scalp after. I still have some store bought conditioner I am using up as a detangler.

I recently decided to give myself bangs. I have had the same all one length haircut since high school. I like the bangs but I cannot decide how to wear them. I fuss with them. I am not sure if i am winning or not, but I happily keep them anyways.

I realized over the last few years my hair does not seem to grow. My Aunt has long red hair that sweeps down her back in the most feminine way and I covet it and long hair in general. So when she came to the mainland for a visit I asked her how to coax my hair into growing. She said to cut it based on the moon cycles. This seemed completely reasonable to me and fortunately the summer solstice was at that point just days away so I got my scissors out and trimmed my hair the eve of the changing season. We will see if this makes a difference in the length and health of my hair.


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