Plastic Free July

I am not delusional. I know my Plastic Free July is still going to have lots of plastic in it. This experiment is to try raise my awareness and reduce my affiliation with single use plastic items. I don’t want to cheat and buy things in advance to seem like I am not using as much plastic. I want to know what real life is like when I try to limit plastic. Even when I am trying to reduce plastic I am still getting plastic. Take milk. If I buy glass milk containers, the lid and band that seals the lid onto the glass container are both plastic. I can get milk in a mason jar but to do so I have to travel two towns over which is a huge amount of gas! How frustrating! I will be buying bulk items using my homemade reusable dry goods bags but I pay for this environmentally friendly convenience in the added weight (local stores are not into zeroing tare weight).

There are food items I can get without too much worry like eggs in cardboard and veggies from the farmer’s market, but what if I want cheese or fish? What about running out of liquid castile soap? I use and come into contact with plastic EVERY DAY!

I have been putting a lot of thought into how my Plastic Free July is going to go and I know it is going to be hard and truthfully it will be almost impossible for me to do. This however will not deter me from trying!

I can see that a whole food mostly plant based diet would help with my Plastic Free July.


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