Longing For An Uncluttered Life


I used to believe “stuff” would not let me down. It was there for me; an object let me slip into the past with a vivid reminder in hand, they were shiny, happy, memories. Then I got divorced. My stuff was beginning to hold me back as I realized everything would not fit into my hatchback and the stuff that did, got wet when my sun roof started leaking. It took forever for my ex to divvy everything up and it was more than a year before I received poorly packed boxes of things that used to be ours but now was more an homage to a failed marriage. I barely remembered the items and obviously I did not really need them as I had done without them so long.

My house has been under renovations chronically for years now. There are creatively stacked piles of displaced objects and furniture everywhere. They are literally and figuratively stumbling blocks in my life. How can I truly appreciate everything when it fades into the clutter?

I have closets and dressers so packed with clothes that I can barely put away one more item without brute force. I surely cannot wear all these clothes especially if they no longer fit!

I have so many tchotchkes and knickknacks that they occupy every square inch of my display cabinet to the point that I cannot even see all of them as they are just jammed in there.

Don’t even get me started on books. I have books from my childhood still, heck I have books from my mom’s childhood that has her brother’s name scrawled in the covers in his five year old self’s cursive that are sitting on my shelves.

What am I doing with all these things? Truthfully I do not know. And so the purging began slowly and diligently. First I gifted items to friends, then I started shuffling things off to the thrift store. As it became more easy to part with things I started making a pile of things to sell at a garage sale (which has not happened yet, but soon my Dears!) I still have a long ways to go but I as my great grandma used to say “Don’t look at the whole job needing to be done. Start cleaning in one corner and go from there.”

So I am going through my closet again, getting rid of items I do not wear either because I do not use them any more or because they do not fit. If they do not fit and I cannot part with them (like the powder blue bell bottoms that once belonged to my grandma) I am putting them in a drawer for when I lose weight. I have gone through my closet a few times now and I can see that it is not as burdened as it once was and in turn neither am I. I have done this with my dressers and bookshelves and display cabinet and I will go through them again until I have uncluttered my belongings and feel my life is adequately simplified. This is a work in progress and I feel lighter with each purging session.


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