Chill Out: How To Keep Cool And Stay Green


Want to know how to keep cool while staying green and saving green? Me too! Here is every trick and tip I know that can help without having to renovate your place!

  • Open up your doors and windows in the evening when the sun goes down to allow hot air to escape and cool air in
  • Don’t cook indoors. Make dinners that do not require heating or cook outside. Grills, solar ovens, camp fires or clay ovens are great alternatives
  • If you have to cook inside choose the toaster oven over the stove (I do not use microwaves)
  • Use a spritz bottle with cool water in it to refresh yourself
  • Keep windows and doors closed on the sunny side of your building
  • Keep curtains drawn or blinds closed on the sunny side of your building
  • Use white window covering to reflect heat, better yet use those metallic emergency blankets behind your window coverings to really keep the sun’s hot rays out
  • If there is a breeze and your windows/doors are not drenched in sunlight you can open them to get cross ventilation
  • Dry clothes on the line outside rather than run your dryer
  • Don’t do dishes or run the dishwasher until it is cooler in the evening
  • Turn off incandescent light bulbs as they create heat. Better yet, replace them with energy efficient models
  • Use awnings, bamboo blinds or the like to shade sunny exposures of your place
  • If your place is closed up it can help to turn on the bathroom exhaust fan or the hood vent of your stove because both methods actually REMOVE hot air from you place
  • If you have to use a fan, get a fan that fits in your window and use it to draw cooler air in during the evening
  • Keep hydrated
  • Use cold compresses on the back of your neck or under your arms to keep you cool
  • If it is too hot inside, sleep outside! I have slept in a tent in my back yard many times to keep cool in summer
  • If you have a house with multiple levels, hang out on what ever level is the coolest. I spend more time downstairs in my place when it is hot out
  • Go somewhere that already has air conditioning like the mall to cool off
  • Fan yourself with a hand held fans to cool off
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Wearing less is not always better. Find airy, natural fabrics to feel cooler and keep covered when going out in the sun. A wide brimmed hat is a great choice

I have lived in my house in British Columbia for almost four years and I do not use any air conditioning or electric fans yet remain relatively comfortable. This week we are experiencing temperatures in the 80s and it is only June!


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