Getting Grounded, Going Outside To Play.

lineman lake

The starlight is calling me. I keep finding myself barefoot on the lawn in the middle of the night but the street lamps drown out the sparkling dust from the universe.

I get squirrelly when I spend too long away from nature. I can be up to my elbows in dirt in the yard and something is still missing. I yearn for more.

I have laid in a field beneath the swirling heaven so long that I was anointed with dew just as the blades of grass that surrounded me. I felt like I belonged in nature and we were one in that moment. It was truly magical.

I need to touch nature. I feel compelled to run my fingers over the growing surfaces. I like to be immersed in the experiences using all my senses which is part of what is driving me to forage for food and herbs. I am the first to run out in a rainstorm after a long dry spell and such occasions need dresses and dancing shoes are bare soles and soul baring. I actually do stop to smell the roses and so many other aspects of nature.

The fact that I have to leave where I live to venture into the wilderness to be satiated makes me question where I “live”. Is it truly satisfying to exist on a day to day basis somewhere where the stars are obscured by artificial light pollution and metal and asphalt gutter divert rain from a parched earth? Why am I wrapped in layers of plastic perched on furniture that sits on flooring that covers foundations that separate me from the ground below? We are distracted by wants, but even our needs have become exorbitant.

I looked up the meaning of Earthing, and many of the sites tried to sell me strange starter sets to get myself connected. Why? Why should I buy anything to bring myself closer to my earthly roots, Should I not be shedding material items that separate and shield me from the elements?

Even now, I am sitting cross legged as I write this and my feet are bare and dirty and my fingertips are stained green from working in the garden.

I am trying so desperately to live not just in harmony with nature but as a part of nature and I have a long ways to go.


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