My Obsolete Mailbox

community mailbox

I received a letter from the postman today saying they will no longer be delivering mail to my house. It seems that we will be assigned a numbered box at a community mailbox being installed down the road. I suppose this saddens me as it is one step further away from the nostalgia of waiting for the post to be delivered and the anticipation of handwritten news inscribed on crisp sheets of decorative writing paper all tucked neatly in stamped envelopes.

I have felt for a while that this art form is soon to be lost. So many children can barely write their name let alone write the cursive alphabet with any sort of flourish. The cost of stamps made sending handwritten Christmas cards to everyone quickly go out of style for me and the nearest post office is quite a jaunt from my home.

It is too easy to send an email from the comfort of my chesterfield. The uniform type and auto-correct sent at the click of a button lacks thoughtfulness. It will never compare to getting a letter addressed to me. It will never be quite the same without ink bleeding into the fibres of the paper.

We barely get more than flyers now. Even bills are all trying to go paperless. So why would I want to trudge to a community mailbox way down the road? I suppose because the postman no longer wants to traverse my neighborhood just for flyers either.


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