Sweet Finds: Perennial Fruits

strawberries 2015

Having perennial fruiting plants in your garden is like inviting people once to your party and having them send gifts annually just because they can!

I live in an area where the growing zone is 8b (you can totally feel jealous if you need to right now). This allows me many options for edible landscapes!

I currently have a strawberry patch, two Italian prune plum trees and I just planted a cranberry, a blueberry, a Himalayan  huckleberry and a Fall Gold Ever-bearing raspberry plant. I have room for four more fruiting bushes in the back bed (which I am reclaiming from a morning glory infestation and revitalizing with a lasagna/sheet mulching gardening style).

As options I am looking at rhubarb, arctic kiwi, currant, grapes, elderberry, blackberry, and gooseberries just to name a few.

I just pulled the first strawberries from the garden. They are little red gems nestled beneath a verdant cloak. Each one gently warmed by the May sun. They are too delicious to not just pop into my mouth! I cannot wait for more fruit to grow!


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