Homemade, Natural, Deodorant Bar


So it is that hot time of year again when the thought of putting on deodorant crosses my mind. I wanted something more natural because I am not really into applying unpronounceable chemicals on to my sweat glands. Here is a very simple recipe with just a few ingredients that I promise are all easy to pronounce and possibly in your kitchen right now.


3/4 cups melted coconut oil (I just set my solid coconut oil in a measuring cup on a sunny windowsill for a little bit)

1/2 baking soda

1/2 cup cornstarch

essential oils (add as much as you like I added about 18 drops of rosemary and 18 peppermint)


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and spoon or pour into a mould. Let harden in the fridge or freezer.

The house was about 70 degrees today and I have my deodorant bar in a dish in the bathroom and it is solid. If your house is hotter or you feel the bar softening just tuck it back in the fridge.

To use I just give a swipe with it under my arms and I smell pretty all day. I have not found that it leaves any marks on clothes at all but I will need more time with it and a little black dress to be sure.

By the way I used sugar skull moulds to cast the deodorant. It stops odor dead in its tracks, get it? Wow, that was supposed to be funny.


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