Upcycled: Reusable Cloth Produce Bags

reuseable produce bags

I went to the thrift store and found a set of window-sheers on sale for 50 cents which I made into lightweight, breathable produce bags!

I cut the sheers into rectangles, folded them in half with the right sides together making sure the finished edge of the sheer ended up being the opening of my bag. I sewed the two remaining sides together (the bottom of the bag and the side opposite to the fold). Once sewed, I  flipped them inside out so the right sides were facing out. Voila! Upcycled produce bags! A new use for an old item. These are going to be stupendously handy at the farmer’s market!

I am also hoping that the polyester like material will keep produce a little fresher than just being left out in the fridge, while not being as bad as disposable plastic produce bags.


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