The FDA Allows Trans Fat In Food Without Having To List It On The Nutritional Label


It is right there in black and white, the nutritional label says 0 grams Trans Fat but that might be a lie.

It seems that if a serving contains less that 0.5 grams of Trans Fats a company can put 0 g Trans Fats on the nutritional label. That means if a serving had 0.4 grams Trans Fat and you ate 4 servings (because the serving sizes are ridiculously small), then you just ate 1.6 grams of Trans Fats! So if you are tucking into a tasty treat and eat more than your share you could easily be ingesting Trans Fats that you did not even know where there!

If we cannot trust nutritional labels on food to be be accurate and companies to be honest about what the are putting in our food, how can we make informed decisions about our diets?


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