Sleeping Sickness: Is Your Boudoir Bad For You?


What effects sleep? Is that a dog in my hair?! Blanket stealers, and dog butt in my face are common occurrences but what else could be making my sleep less than sweet?

I worry about the air quality in my room. Dust, dander, mold, and just plain stale air concern me. I try to always sleep with my window open a crack and on nice days I open it up all the way and give the whole space a good airing out. I dust, and vacuum regularly. Now don’t just stop with vacuuming the carpet, I vacuum the mattress too! (Don’t forget to flip your mattress often too!) I will admit fully that if I had my way I would get rid of carpet in the bedroom completely, yeah it feels nice under bare feet but carpet is a petri dish at the best of times. I know I should not sleep with my doggie in my bedroom but that just isn’t going to stop so maid service is a must. (Did I say maid service? I meant I need to super clean!)

Washing the bedding is a vital! I wash my bedding regularly. To lessen the stress on the comforter I use a duvet cover so I can wash it a bit less religiously. I do not currently have one but a mattress cover is a stupendous creation that can also be washed to reduce the dust mite orgy in bed. I currently change my pillow every year. I also usually double bag it with two pillow cases to reduce allergens. Something to conciser for those plagued by allergies is that maybe hanging your bedding on the line might expose you to more pollen. I don’t worry about this, but it is something to think about.

Since I am on the subject of bedding, I started thinking about what my bedding is made of. I mean I spend 9 hours a day buried between the sheets. Can you say polyester? I realized that I sleep in a lot of plastic products. What are my alternatives if I want to sleep soundly knowing my sheets are sustainable and environmentally friendly? I am looking at not just reducing plastic from my life but I want to chose items in my life that are created in a responsible manner. I am just starting to research how sheets are made from organic cotton, linen, hemp, wool and bamboo. Are there other options? Which one is the healthiest and best? I really cannot say that yet, but soon Poppets, I will have answers for you!

Chemical should be avoided in the bedroom at all costs. I do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. I don’t use those smelly artificial oil plug ins. I do not use harsh cleansers period. This also includes avoiding any item that needs dry cleaning. If it cannot be washed by hand or in the washer machine, I do not want it in my life.

Get out your tin foil hats for this next one. I am trying to eliminate anything electrical plugged into the outlets in my bedroom. I am down to two items and I hope to be eliminating one of them shortly. I would love to shut of the breaker to my bedroom but for now I just want to not have anything drawing energy. This means looking at finding a dependable wind up alarm clock. Another thing to consider is the effect of wi-fi on your body. I have it in my house, and I am aware this is probably not the best idea.

Obviously sleep can also be effected by behaviour. Regular bedtimes and not watching television in bed, exercising but not doing it right before you go to sleep are all good suggestions. Diet and even the time you eat can effect your Zs but in this write up I really just wanted to focus on the actual physical space that I personally spend more than a 1/3 of my life in.

My war on plastic products rages on in my mind constantly now and my bedding is definitely going to be going through a plastic purge as I investigate my options and come to environmentally friendly solutions and of course as money allows.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Sickness: Is Your Boudoir Bad For You?

  1. These are great tips and I’m glad someone else is trying to get rid of electronics in the bedroom. But I tried a wind up alarm clock and the ticking kept me up all night! I prefer to fall asleep reading a book over the computer or my phone. And I just found out, I am one of my few friends that actually turns off their cell phone at night. Lots of things to think about, never considered the wifi.

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    • I am glad you liked the article! The ticking is something to get used to for sure. i had a wind up but it broke so i am back to a plug in clock which I would prefer to not have. I read before bed too! I gave up my cell phone a while ago so at least I do not have to worry about the convenience of that demanding my attention. I went back to a house phone. Well electricity does have an impact on our bodies for sure. The large power line towers that cross Canada and the United States actually have an electro-magnetic field that can be measured a fill kilometer away! I know that you can have readings done in your house if you want to know where the most fields are located. I have been reading about ghost loads from having electronics plugged in even if they are not on so I know this has to be effecting us on some level. I am glad to hear others want to get rid of electronics in certain rooms too! I do not know much about WiFi but it does concern me. Let me know whatever you find out too okay and best of luck!

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