Lemon Curd Is As Close To Sunshine As You can Get Without A Sunburn


The lemon curd I just made is chilling in the fridge and my mouth is still watering from licking the spoon. It tasted like warm sunshine on an early Summer morning. I feel like I should be lounging on a veranda right now fanning myself as I look out over an orchard and speaking with a Southern drawl. But enough of that! If you want to have your own tasty getaway here is the recipe. No refined white sugar and no wheat, but enough flavor to delight your taste buds!


The juice of 4 small lemons. I used organic because they were on sale and cheaper than the regular ones, go figure.

3 whole eggs. I used free range golden yolks which gave my lemon curd a warm orange-yellow color.

1/4 cup honey. I buy my honey local and it was from bees that pollinated blueberry and raspberry fields. (Local honey is great for helping reduce allergies)

1/4 cup coconut oil. Hooray for not containing Trans and Hydrogenated fats!

The zest from the above listed four lemons. I do not have a zester so I just used a sharp knife to remove the zest carefully avoiding the white pith which is bitter and will make your curd bitter.


I used a double boiler to make this recipe but you could use a pot of you are careful or nest a metal bowl over top of a pot of boiling water.

Place the honey and zest into the double boiler over lightly boiling water. You don’t want it too hot but you want the honey to be free flowing.

In a separate bowl whisk 3 whole eggs with a fork or a whisk if you wanna get all fancy.

Using a spoon gently and quickly add a spoonful of the warmed honey and zest to the egg making sure you keep stirring the egg. Add another spoonful of the warmed honey and zest to the egg again and keep stirring. We want to repeat this until there is basically no honey and zest in the pot. Add the honey and zest slowly as we want to bring up the temperature of the whisked eggs without scrambling it. Once all the warmed honey and zest are added to the bowl of egg, put the coconut oil into the double boiler. I had my element set lower keeping the water in the double boiler at a decent roll but not a full boil. When the coconut oil is just melted carefully add in the egg, honey and zest mixture and stir vigorously making sure to scrape the whole bottom of the pot when stirring. Add in the lemon juice. I added in some of the pulp that came off when I juiced the lemons. Stir stir stir! Keep stirring! I stirred like a maniac for about ten minutes until the curd was noticeably thickened to the consistency of pudding. Spoon the lemon curd into little bowls or ramekins. Go ahead and lick the spoon. This is exactly how Summer tastes. Chill in the fridge. Serve.

I will be serving this tonight with frozen blackberries I foraged for last year. You could serve it on toast, as a pancake topper, or as a cake or tart filling. I am just going to eat it up with a spoon.

This recipe yields two servings, so double the recipe if you are having a gathering!


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