Hummus So Easy This Is Not Even A Real Recipe!

Hummus is a tasty little dip! It is really expensive to buy pre-made but so easy that you can whip some up cheaply at home!


Chickpeas. You can use canned or your can buy dry, soak them over night and then cook them. I would use at least two cups cooked but you can make way more and refrigerate your hummus to snack on for another day!

I added some yellow lentils. This is not part of the usual recipe! Don’t use too much a few tablespoons will do. Use yellow so it doesn’t look weird. Or you can leave them out. I was just in a mood when I made this hummus.

Tahini. You don’t need a lot but it really adds to the flavour. I don’t care what other people say, peanut butter is NOT a good option for substitution. If you don’t have tahini or sesame oil, LEAVE IT OUT. I learned my lesson. It was like eating a garlicky peanut butter spread. I usually add two tablespoons but if i am making a big batch I would add more. If I am watching my calories I would use less. It is up to you!

Lemon juice. I used concentrate you can use fresh, this adds zing to your hummus and lubrication to be able to blend your hummus. I like A LOT of lemon juice. I used more than a half cup. Not sure how much to use? Add the lemon juice slowly and taste it or once you start blending add enough to get the consistency you want.

Olive oil. Add a splash. That is all you need.

Fresh garlic cloves. I put in about five but I probably will never get kissed again.

Salt, pepper, parsley, cayenne and paprika to taste.


Place all the ingredients in a big ol’ bowl and blend with an emulsion blender or put in a food processor or even use a regular blender. Blend until smooth and creamy.

Serve up with pita or veggie sticks. Add on top of salad or in wraps.


*You can also add in roasted peppers if you want a delicious flavour alternative. Roast peppers, add in and blend as usual!


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