Gluten Free Dairy Free 2 Week Experiment


At the suggestion of the Naturopath some of my household will be going without wheat and dairy products for two weeks. Being that I am a lacto ovo pesca vegetarian (milk, eggs and fish eater) this has presented some unique challenges. I started off the the with eating up naughty treats that were left in the fridge such as Muttar Paneer which has yummy cheese in it. Not really the committed start but I don’t want food to go bad so bottoms up!

I spent some time brainstorming over the weekend to come up with a bunch of meal plans to go shopping for.

Dinner will be squash and spinach fritters crusted with almonds, pan fried snapper and asparagus with a honey mustard vinaigrette.

I have chickpeas soaking to make hummus for tomorrow which will be served on spinach with carrot sticks for dipping.

Other meal ideas to come will be carrot daal, vegetarian dirty rice, coleslaw, Mexican bean soup, veggie biryani, mason jar salads, pho noodle soup, quinoa and wilted veggies, buckwheat tabbouleh, zucchini spaghetti, herb potato salad, open face lettuce wraps stuffed with rice and peanut sauce, and Thai coconut cream soup.

This is be a culinary adventure for sure.

P.S. I love you cheese.


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