Weather Or Not It Is True

April storm

Today I sit in my house and experience a wailing storm just beyond my window panes. There was hail the size of plump blueberries pelting against my metal roof during torrential rains. My lawn looked as though it had snowed and my tender plants bowed down to the awesomeness of nature. The sky burdened, was grey and turbulent and from it came thunder and lightning so profound that it shook my house. The dog looked questioningly at me as though I was causing all this ruckus.

We do not usually get storms like this. Thunder and lightning are usually just a clap or two and a bright fork in the distance. Here I am encumbered with the applause for hours. The energy in the air sends shivers to my spine and concerns through my mind.

We had warm sunny days as early as February this year. I remember walking to the thrift store in a tee-shirt. People praise the sunshine lamenting that Summer should come sooner but I have to admit I fear what the warmer season will have in store for us this year. Washington which is just across the line has already declared drought emergencies in over half the state and the areas involved now include parts of Oregon. This will affect not only the growing of food but fish as well.

The storm outside seems to have quieted down for a moment. My single rain water barrel is so full it looks to be percolating with every new additional drop.

I am selfish here experiencing such torrents of rain and not harvesting it. I do not dig swales or put out vessels to catch each drop. In fact many here curse our endless rain while others thirst for it with parched earth and dry mouths.

A river forms along the roadway outside of my house and is diverted into the sewer system. We barely think beyond the puddle beneath or rubber boots or the showers deflected by our umbrellas. Where the water goes, we only have a vague understanding.

Some people argue that the weather is not really changing. Yesterday there was a tornado that touched down in Oahu, Hawaii which is considered a rarity.

All I know is water does not come from taps and food does not just appear on grocery store shelves. California is suffering and it is not way over there only in photos on the news.  Washington’s drought will affect my dinner. I do not suspect a famine here but I imagine produce prices will rise with the hotter temperatures.

The thunder rumbles and the sky lights up again. I turn up my little electric space heaters and hunker down for the evening.


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