Reclaiming My Temple

Wash #3.  Rainwater running toward the camera along the side of the road has washed gravel from the shoulder into the grass on the right, and on towards the camera across the driveway in the foreground.  The Township pays people to add gravel occasionally, to prevent a major dropoff developing that could cause cars to wreck if a wheel dropped off the edge.

I went to reclaim my temple today and worshiped  my God with every fibre of my being. There are no pews or Sunday dresses; just me, my bicycle and the gravel shoulder of the road.

When riding, I realized my life becomes self sustaining. I carry with me only what I need and I get where I am going using my own energy. I am simultaneously harmonious with and at the mercy of the elements.

I became aware of Spring. Dandelion, dead nettle, Mustard, Horsetail, the leaves of cattails, and the emergence of blackberry brambles. The air was fragrant as so many plants collectively sighed at Winter’s end and my soul hungered to forage the season’s secret delicacies and this awoke in me a desire.

As my bike gathered dust in my garage I forgot who I was and how I fit into this universe.

I have always defined myself by my physical strength and endurance. My femininity measured by the shadow cast by the muscle beneath my flesh. As age, a desk job and a car accident changed my relationship with my body, I became aware of how much I felt betrayed by my vessel. I no longer knew what I was capable of and I kept finding limitations.

So today my bike ride was more than just a physical trek. I rode 40 kilometers but I am just starting out on my true journey to finding myself and my strength.


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