Profound Paperback Preacher

Could you live without producing plastic waste for two weeks? The challenge was neatly printed in the preface of the Plastic Purge by Michael Sanclements. I had barely turned the first few pages of this book and I already felt like I should be guilty for my Tupperware lunches or drawer of shopping bags from a time before I switched to reusable. I gave up Saran Wrap and am in the process of forgoing produce bags in exchange for hand sewn sacks I made from upcycled shears, but it isn’t enough in my mind. I wear clothes with polymer blends, even my frozen fish comes from the store double wrapped in plastic. My larder tells the story of my conflict started long before I picked up this book at the library. I have plastic storage containers still in full use and then there are the neat matching upcycled glass mayonnaise jars filled with dry goods.

I am excited and nervous to see how this book will inspire and fuel my journey to self sufficiency. I keep thinking about the challenge to not produce any plastic waste for two weeks. At the moment I could not even go to the grocery store without coming home with more plastic so the concept seems so overwhelming to me. That is not to say that I will not be able to overcome my addiction to plastic but that I will have to be diligent if I want to stop being part of the problem.

I feel badly every time I put non-recyclable plastic in the garbage. Heck I feel badly every time I put out blue bags of recycling that are filled with disposable plastic packaging.

As I sit here and type with my fingers touching the plastic keys on my computer I am disturbed by how artificial my surrounding are. How toxic is my air, my food and the surfaces in my life with all this plastic?

This book promises helpful solutions to purging my problematic plastics. I am open to suggestions for sure.

I would love to not have to put out the garbage on the curb. Not because I am lazy or because I forgot it was garbage day again but because I did not produce any garbage. Can you imagine NOT producing garbage?

Discussing garbage should not make me so giddy but I have to say that if I can work towards a zero waste lifestyle, I cannot foresee any real negative outcomes from this goal. In fact the whole idea is rather freeing.

So I am going to finish reading this book, I am going to do some self reflection and then I am going to try to attempt the two week challenge to not produce any plastic waste.

Gold stars and group hugs for everyone.


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