Guerrilla Gardening: Waging War With Seed Bombs And Prudent Planting

Imagine walking down your street and picking enough lettuce and tomatoes from an abandoned lot or parking strip to make a salad for dinner…for free. This is an achievable possibility.

Recently the idea of guerrilla gardening was introduced to me. Turning neglected pieces of land or land that is not functioning to its full potential into beautiful and productive  places is something that will help communities grow. Not everyone is on board with this idea so it is best to be discreet. These are after all public spaces and therefore owned by another authority which could lead to trespassing concerns or other legalities.

From London to L.A guerrilla gardening is leaving its green mark and you can too. If you want to get started here are some ideas:

Remember that abandoned lot on your way to work? This could easily be your new community “garden”. On your travels make mental notes of all the locations that have been neglected that you could plant at. Also remember areas that get mowed as they will take more planning to protect your plantings.

Have ammo. Whether it be plants or seedlings or seeds, pick things that will grow well in the area of your choosing. Are you looking to feed your community’s soul or stomach? Are you wanting annuals or perennials? These are just some of the things to consider.

Dispersal method is important! We want to remain as green as possible. You could disperse you seeds as simply as tossing them out your window or you could buy already made seed grenades. You can find tutorials on how to make your own seed bombs that often include clay, compost and seeds. Another option is to plant plants or seedlings. You will need to be careful not to get caught if you have not received permission to plant this neglected area. There is no reason to make this complicated. You can take seeds from your meals and wrap them in tissue or newspaper and toss them “away” at your chosen area.

Don’t forget if you are planting or seeding an area it would  be wise to remember to tend or water your newly created green space.

There are neighborhoods who have fully developed their parking strips between the sidewalks and the roads into beautiful and flourishing gardens. Is there a space you want to plan on planting?


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