This Is Sh!t

I was perusing Facebook this evening and I saw that Friends of the Nicola Valley posted an article on Biowaste being used in Merritt B.C. This may not be your community but Biowaste should make us all have concerns.

There in bold print was the following:

STOP! The use of Sewage Sludge (Bio Waste) for Composting and Spreading as Fertilizer in the Nicola Valley

Friends of the Nicola Valley. This group is concerned with the use of human excrement, AKA Bio Waste, Bio Solids, Food Waste Compost and Class A or B Compost, all names given to the product derived from sewage treatment of community waste water. Bio Waste is coming to the Nicola Valley from other areas of B.C.

The issue as we see it is:

1. Concern for run off of heavy metal contaminated water into water courses, as well as onto productive farmland in the Nicola Valley.

2. Potential hazardous/toxic waste to be accidentally spilled onto properties, streams and other waterways during the winter months.

3. Airborne contaminants from stock-piled Bio-waste.

4. Slide potential, as happened in China, from destabilized mounds of Bio Wastes with substantial loss of life.

5. The fact that the economic downturn for an entire area will be strongly felt by having the presence of this waste become the focal point.

6. Areas known to have toxic waste dumps are severely affected by the lack of investor confidence and risk factors associated with “contamination issues”.

7. Ecological impact on wildlife and the ecosystems.

8. Productive farmland becoming contaminated with heavy metals and known carcinogens, potentially entering the human food chain.

Years ago I heard about Biosolids for the first time on a documentary. Canadian farmers were using humanure to grow the food we eat. This seems like such a third world concern I could barely fathom that this was happening in North America. I still remember the images of tampons and condoms (items often flushed down the toilet) littering the sides of fields growing corn destined for human consumption. I still to this day do not flush dental floss down the toilet because of this. I also do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet because these can end up in our waterways.

I don’t care if biosolids have been “processed” and the government deems them safe to spread over Canadian soils. I am not okay with this. In fact I am livid that using biosolids as fertilizer is becoming an acceptable way to dispose of human waste. On the news we keep hearing about food recalls because E.Coli has been found and is making people sick. Do you think their could be a connection?

In Merritt the land that is supposed to be for dumping Biosolids is going to be used for grazing cattle. Would you be okay knowing your grass-fed beef grazed on land fertilized by humanure? Would you want to drink water from local wells? Could you feel comfortable fishing in near by streams?

Don’t just get angry, do something about it. Stand up and make some noise. Talk to people. However small it may seem, make a difference. This is NOT okay in anyone’s community.


5 thoughts on “This Is Sh!t

  1. I know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable about this, I know they are having issues just with farm water run off in Chilliwack with the chemicals from crops and cow manure (even if they are not harmful to some bugs, or fall in organic range, they are still chemicals) getting into the water system. This is just another lvl to the problem.


    • Absolutely! The other thing that is truly disturbing is Abbotsford is one of the communities shippping Biowaste to Merritt. That means what is going on in my bathroom is going to effect the people living in Merritt. I am really not okay with being part of this problem!


      • Indeed my poop is now part of the problem for a community 4 hours away. About a year ago we installed a diaper sprayer onto the cold water valve of our toilet as a sort of poor man’s bidet to help reduce the amount of toilet paper we use and there for flush. We also started using grey water collected in a bucket from our bathroom sink to flush the toilet instead of using clean drinking water to flush. The last thing we implimented was the old saying “if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down”. When we started this process we did not know our biowaste was going to Merritt. I feel really helpless over this.


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