Paneer Cheese Made from Scratch No Rennet Needed!

Paneer cheese curdled with lemon juice

Paneer is a mild, milk flavoured cheese that requires no rennet and no aging. It is super easy to make and because it does not melt it is a great addition to spicy sauces like Muttar Paneer or even pan fried with spices.

In almost no time you can be eating fresh cheese!


Approximately a half gallon of whole milk (the higher fat content the better so this is not the time to be pouring skim)

About a 1/4 cup lemon juice (lime juice or vinegar also can work)


Heat milk to the point of simmering in a sauce pan. Stir constantly to prevent scalding.

When milk gets hot and steamy and begins to foam, remove from heat and stir in lemon juice.

The milk should begin to curdle. If it doesn’t that is alright. Let it stand for about ten minutes. If it still doesn’t separate add in a little more lemon juice.

When milk curdles the liquid should look almost a clear yellow color with white curds in it.

Strain off the whey. (Keep the whey to make other treats like bannock. I have read you can use the whey instead of an acid to make more cheese but I have not tried this yet). Whey should be refrigerated,

Put the curds in cheese cloth (or a thin pillowcase like I use) and squeeze out the remaining whey.

The more you squeeze the firmer the cheese. You can eat the cheese just like this or you can put the cheese into a mold and press it longer to get a more uniform shape.

Put any unused portion of cheese in the fridge. This cheese should be eaten with in a couple days.


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