A More Pedestrian Life

When I had a job in the big bad city I had to drive 125 Kilometers round trip each day. I walked up one flight of stairs to my office and then I sat at my desk basking in the fluorescent light. I sat and sat and sat in my windowless office. At lunchtime I would walk around the block back up the one flight of stairs and return to sitting. Between commuting and working I sat 12 hours a day. I truly was just a rat in a cage only a rat has a wheel and possibly a better view than my computer screen.

Now that I work at home I am without a vehicle and once again I have to get from point A to point B under my own steam. My stomping ground is about six kilometers wide. I make due with what is within these parameters. Grocery shopping, bank, stores, dance studio. All of them are within walking distance. Don’t get me wrong, there are excursions that take me out of this area but for the most part I don’t need to drive all over the hill and dale wasting gas to get where I need to go.

Many people think that the suburbs lacks in public transit therefore a vehicle is a necessity but there is nowhere in my city I need to get to that a bike or my feet cannot take me in less than an hour. That is not to say that I can cross my whole city, but that there is enough repetition in the amount of retail et cetera that makes my accessible area meet all my needs.

There is an adjustment period. Time matters and outings take planning.

A ten minute ride in the car is a 45 minute excursion on foot.

Getting groceries means planning ahead as there is no longer a trunk to toss bags in. Can you carry everything? How will you carry everything?

If you are making multiple stops, what order and what route will you take?

What is the weather like?

A more pedestrian life is not just about being more green although that is a major part of it. It is about connecting with your neighborhood and your community. It is about getting outside and finding nature right on your street (today I saw a bald eagle pluck a mouse right off the asphalt not 50 feet in front of me). It is about natural light and fresh air. It is about foraging. It is about being more grounded. It is about self sufficiency.

As adults we should go outside to play.


2 thoughts on “A More Pedestrian Life

  1. I really like that, between the two of us here, we only have the one car. A trip to the grocery store is done half the time by foot, as it’s so close. Walking is a dying pastime, and it’s sad, as it’s so healthy and enjoyable. People really need to get out more.


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