I Stay At Home And It Is Worth It.

I get asked often when I am going to find a job and go back to work. I am a housewife. This is my career. I shouldn’t have to prove my worth, but I do; often.

When I started my job in the City I was making $11 an hour (that is barely above minimum wage in my area). Three years later I was up to $17.70 an hour. I made $2378.58 a month after taxes. I had the following work related expenses:

Car Insurance: $110/mo

Gas: $250/mo

Bridge tolls: $120/mo

Cellphone: $30 more a month than having a home phone

Oil for the car: $20/mo (I was burning/leaking)

Repairs for vehicle to make it able to drive to work $48.58+ (I needed to buy a new junker and rebuild an engine. The cost was higher but I will use this as an approximate for the sake of rounding)

This brings me down to $1800 a month earnings while working full time and commuting 2 hours a day.I did some poking around online and here are the wages for many of the jobs I perform at home:

Housekeeping: $20/hr x 30 days = $600/mo

Cook:$15.00/hr x 30 days = $450/mo

Lawn mowing $80/mo (price paid during season amortized over year)

Gardening/yard work: $15/hr x 4 weeks = $60/mo

Washing/Folding laundry: $10/load, $100/mo

Dog walker: $10/hr x 4 weeks = $50/mo (some walks are longer or shorter)

Pet sitter: $100/week (This would be to feed and care for my managerie of pets) x 4 weeks = $400/mo

Hairdresser: $20/mo for two people

Money to buy lunch at work: $100/week for two people (that is if I didn’t pack lunches)

So far I would be in the negative if I had to hire people to do my “job” at home so I could get a position outside of my house.

Now think about all the other ways a person could save money if they had time.

Making food from scratch (something as simple as buying dry beans is way cheaper than buying canned beans!)

Making homemade cleaners (my laundry soap costs less than two cents a load)

Not having to pay for daycare

Calling around for the best deal on a product or service/couponing (I once saved a whole days wages by buying toilet paper that was on sale in bulk)

Growing your own organic food

Bartering/trading for products/services

Selling crafts or homemade products

Selling the excess veggies from the garden

Saving seeds to plan the next year rather than buying seeds again

Taking scrap to the recycler for money rather than letting the city pick it up at curbside

Doing repairs on your property rather than hiring in a handyman

Making things instead of buying them (I am making reusable produce bags 8 for $1. To buy them it could be about $15)

Composting rather than buying compost soil

The list goes on and on!

The point is I am not sitting at home watching TV and eating bonbons and I am not a “kept woman”. I contribute to my household by saving money while taking care of my family. This doesn’t mean someone who chooses to work outside the home is more or less important. What matters is doing the best you can at the task at hand. Whether you are a designing a building or cleaning a toilet, put your heart into it and know you are not your job title but you are defined by your work ethic.


4 thoughts on “I Stay At Home And It Is Worth It.

  1. You’d think we as women would have come past this point of feeling the need to justify the choice to stay home or not stay home by now. I guess people will always criticize (or maybe just be curious). Makes no sense though. Even if you were sitting at home watching TV and eating bonbons or being a “kept woman” whose business would it be, other than yours, your husband’s, potentially your doctor’s LOL–those bonbons can be hard on one. It is up to you two to decide how your team lives.

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    • Thank you your words are kind and very true but it seems people will always want to have their say. I work very hard at home, but like so many women before me, our position in life is scrutinized and we are expected to live up to expectations that I believe are unrealistic. : )


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