I Stopped Washing My Hair With Shampoo


I will admit I hit a certain age and my hair changed. I tried different shampoos and different products without positive results then finally I stopped washing my hair with shampoo a few years ago and I love the results. When I was in my teens and twenties I used to use a lot of product in my hair. I had a shelf of mousses, gels, hairsprays, leave-in conditioners, oils etc. Each product sported more than a dozen unpronounceable ingredients that looked more like a lab experiment than something I should be applying to my body. I used to wash my hair every other day but with the chemicals and blow drying I found my hair dry and brittle and my scalp was itchy. I constantly had split ends and I realized my hair didn’t seem to be getting longer. I was frustrated. I knew this man who had amazing curly hair and his secret was washing his hair with apple cider vinegar. He inspired me to start looking at alternatives to shampoo. After much research I settled on washing my hair with baking soda. Let me begin by saying the switch over from shampoo to an alternative is not an immediate transition. Your hair and scalp will have to adjust. Shampoo leaves residues and strips the hair of natural oils. When you stop using shampoo you will probably go through an awkward oily stage as your scalp adjusts production. This will pass and it will be worth the wait. Ride it out whatever way you see fit. Pony tails, hats, and bandannas are all good choices. I can tell you from experience that if you go out with ugly hair NO ONE CARES. Really.

So, to wash my hair with baking soda I pour some of the white stuff into my hand and run it through my DRY hair BEFORE I get into the shower. This gives the baking soda a chance to absorb some of the oil. Depending on the state of my hair I will either rinse the baking soda out thoroughly with water as usual or I will add white vinegar before I add water. The easiest way to apply vinegar is to put it into a spray bottle. DO NOT get it into your eyes because that is burny burny. Also word of advice: Do not add vinegar to your hair after you shave your legs… Just sayin’, it rinses down and ouch!

When my hair finally got use to not using shampoo I found I only needed to wash my hair about once a week. I also did not need to use hair products daily, I only used them for really special hair styles. I almost never need conditioner either. My hair color did lighten a bit from the vinegar and my split ends are almost completely history. My dry, itchy scalp is totally gone and MY HAIR IS FINALLY GETTING LONGER! Hooray!

There are numerous alternatives to shampoo out there. People have different hair types so experiment! Here are a few suggestions:

Water- A little H2O goes a long way with a good scalp massage followed by more H2O

Sodium bicarbonate-A great replacement for traditional shampoo

Shampoo bars- These are usually more eco-friendly in their ingredient list

Soapwort- Chop it, soak it, lather it and wash with it!

Homemade hair masks- mayonnaise, coconut oil, lemon juice, olive oil, avocado and whisked egg are some of the options.

Castile soap with rosemary extract diluted with water- this makes a great homemade shampoo

Organic shampoos- If you are not ready to give up shampoo your best bet is going to something with less chemicals.

I hope this helps! Research and explore what would work for your own hair type. Find a regime that rocks your locks!


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