Homemade Mint Extract

Making mint extract with fresh, bruised mint and vodka

I was growing a forest of mint in my backyard. I was a pernicious weed conquering the raised garden bed in the backyard. I needed to find a new use for all the mint I had so I decided to make mint extract. In the past I dried mint, I made mint pesto, I ate it raw, I put it in salads and dips and there was still more mint needing to be used.

Mint extract is easy to make, you just need fresh mint, time and vodka.

In a glass jar bruise two or more cups of fresh mint. Bruising is easily accomplished by just mashing the heck out of the mint to release the oils. You can use a mortar and pestle if you want to get all fancy or a wooden spoon will do just fine. Just take out your aggression on those mint leaves.

Once the mint is bruised thoroughly cover it with vodka.

Put the lid securely back on and stick the jar in a cupboard.

Check on the jar every day or so and using a spoon push down any of the mint leaves that might be floating to the top.

I let the mint leaves sit in the the vodka in the cupboard for about a month.

The vodka will smell strongly of mint (the longer you leave it the more essence the vodka takes on). The liquid will no longer be a bright green but more of a brown color.

Strain off the infused vodka and put it in a sealed container like a mason jar and keep it in a cool dark place.

Dispose of the mint leaves.

Now you have homemade mint extract! It is seriously that easy. Now all you have to do is come up with what extract you want to make next!


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