Fermented Foods: Homemade Almond Milk


I have been craving almond milk and after buying a litre filled with around a dozen ingredients my husband suggested that we try to make almond milk from scratch. I now realize making Almond milk from scratch is super easy AND it is a fermented food!


One cup raw almonds, whole and unblanched

Enough purified (chlorine free) water to cover the almonds (you want the water to go about an inch over the surface of the almonds because hey will plump up)

2-3 cups purified (chlorine free) water


Soak almonds in water for two days (this will make the almonds more creamy)

Drain and rinse the soaked almonds in cool water

Put almonds into food processor with 2-3 cups of water (the amount of water will depend on how thick you want your milk to be.)

Blend the almonds and water until water turns cream colored and opaque. When stirred almonds should be a fine meal suspension. Blend a little longer for good measure (the whole time should be a few minutes.)

Using thin cloth (I use an old pillowcase) pour the blended almond milk into a bowl through the cloth.

Squeeze the cloth until the liquid drains into the bowl and all you have left is the almond meal in the cloth.

Set the almond meal aside in the fridge or you can toast the almond meal and use it dry to use in baking or over deserts.

Seriously easy right?!

If you want you can sweeten the almond milk with honey or another sweetener of your choice. You could also add vanilla extract or cocoa powder to make a desert like drink.

Drink up! With no preservatives this drink is good in the fridge for a couple days if it lasts that long!


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