wall still there

In old houses it is never just one renovation, it is cause and effect leading to numerous involved jobs around the house that all need to be done in a specific order to be completed. Let me explain the epic tale of renovation that is occurring in our house at the moment. My husband wanted to move our electrical box which is only accessible through a hole in the wall located behind a picture over the mantle of the gas fireplace. Obviously this is not only not up to code but we need to be contortionists to even get to the panel. We finally decided to move the panel into the front foyer. (The front foyer is also a recent renovation. It is originally the laundry room and we took out a window to put in a front door and a porch as our house only could be accessed by a side door and through the garage which is currently a workshop). While picking a spot to put the box I decided to finally take out an awkward wall in the main floor bedroom. I figured since we needed to change the flooring in there we might as well get a few extra square feet by shrinking the coat closet in the living room. When we removed the carpet we found that there was original hardwood in the bedroom (woot!) but only in 2/3 of the room (boo!) so we will need to cover it over as we cannot match up the narrow tongue and groove flooring from the 1930’s. (Are you starting to see a theme emerging?) Well once we removed the awkward wall I realized we could move the bedroom door to this location which would give more usable space in the bedroom and orient the room more appropriately. So we moved the door and framed the coat closet to be smaller. As we started to remove drywall to install the electrical box in it’s new location I came up with the idea of moving the whole wall a foot into the foyer to give the bedroom another 8 1/2 feet making the main floor bedroom the largest bedroom in the house and the best candidate for a defined master bedroom which our old house lacked. Once we moved the wall I figured we could brighten the living room up by opening up the doorway to be another two feet wider to let light in from the front to the back of the house. We figured since we are opening up the foyer we would remove a weird little closet in there. Because we removed the closet and moved the wall we would need to change the terrible ceiling tiles. I also needed to scrape off all the wallpaper that had been painted over more times than I can count as it no longer covered all of the now visible wall. We also need to add more electrical outlets to the bedroom as it only had one and the lighting for that room was connected to the foyer light so we need to give each room it’s own independent light and light switch. The list goes on and on. Once we finish these two rooms we can get back to renovating the basement!


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