Bylaw Violation Notice

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I live in the city on a quarter acre lot. It has been raining for days and on the first sunny day I decided to burn some wood in my front yard. I had my hose hooked up and I never left my fire unattended. It was slow to start as the wood was wet and the ground saturated but I used homemade fire starters (cardboard egg carton cups stuffed with dryer lint and filled with wax from the remains of old candles) so the fire finally got going and barely smoked. Everything went well until the firetruck rolled quietly into my neighborhood and four firefighters got out in their dress uniforms. It seems that there is no burning allowed in my city.We are legally allowed to perform outdoor cooking using charcoal briquettes and gas-fired appliances only. (Good thing they never caught me cooking lamb over a wood fire in an old kitchen sink in my back yard that one time!). I was given a pamphlet on Burning Conditions & Restrictions and a Bylaw Violation Warning Notice for unlawful burning of residential waste.  Fines are $200 for burning yard waste and $500 for burning construction waste. Wood burning and fire pits are no longer permitted and burning of illegal materials are strictly prohibited. My house is now flagged and if I burn illegally again I will be fined. *Sigh* so no more romantic chiminea fires at night and no hope for the rocket stove I wanted for back yard cooking. We need to move somewhere with less rules.


8 thoughts on “Bylaw Violation Notice

  1. Our city allows wood burning but there is a group of citizens who are trying to make it illegal. Clean air is the foundation of their argument. I’m asthmatic but I love camp fires. *shrug*


    • I undsertand that burning causes smoke, but a proper fire can reduce the amount of smoke emmitted. We are allowed wood burning fireplaces in Abbotsford so really that argument for clean air would not work well here. *Sigh* at least they did not fine me!


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