Of Mice And Men… Err Rats And Squash; A Battle Lost

Squashed dog

We had an incredible bounty of squash this year. The vines enveloped the yard and driveway. I had to apologize to the mailman who could barely make it to the mailbox without a machete.  I think the squash may have overtaken the paper boy. Come harvest time we cured them on the front porch undercover and then we stored them on cardboard on the floor of our garage.This seemed like a good option for the shear mass we grew. (This is also were I store my onions without issue.) It is cold in there but sheltered with decent ventilation. Unfortunately we ended up having unwelcome guests out there too. It seems that besides me and my dog, rats also adore heirloom squash. I noticed nibbling marks on the flesh of a thin skinned squash one day and then came the cavernous holes the next. I mean, I think these rodents were living inside the squash. And oh their appetites! You would think there was an army out there eating my food stores! We were able to set up the live trap to catch one of the little critters which we promptly relocated but the devouring devastation did not cease! I wanted to move my bounty somewhere to protect it but alas there was no where cool enough to keep it from spoiling so we had to keep it where it was. We were cooking up squash and freezing it in a frenzy (my house has not been so warm in a long time) but we could not process the squash as fast as the rats could eat it. The remnants of the rat’s meals were put out to rot in the front garden. It looks like a pumpkin graveyard. On one fine, sunny morning I was talking on the phone and looking out the window at the ocean of orange and rotting flesh in the garden when two little rats came out to frolic in the garden. There I was watched them behold the carnage they caused with delight. I think I even saw a smile beneath their whiskers. *Sigh*. There is no more squash in the garage and the creatures do not care about my onions. You win this round my fury little beasties.


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