Upcycled: Repurposed Shelf Turned Into A Window Seat

New pillow sewn for the free, repurposed shelf turned record holding window seat

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I get pretty excited about FREE stuff. You will find me nosing around neighborhood curbs when city’s offer Large Item Pick-up days. I rubberneck when in the car if I see things on the roadside that might have some value. If friend’s are giving away unwanted items I often take them all the while pondering if I shall use the item in the current state or if I can repurpose it or upcycle it. Worse case scenario is I will strip down an item for recycling.

My husband’s work was getting rid of items that they did not need. He was able to bring home a wooden work bench, a wooden cupboard, and a few box shelves; all for FREE. We kept the work bench and the cupboard for their intended purposes, but I decided to upcycle one of the box shelves into a lovely window seat. I turned the shelf on it’s side and sewed and stuffed a custom pillow for the top out of materials I picked up at the thrift store. Now I have a place to sit and I was able to store records below the seating area. Multipurpose AND repurposed! I am happy to say this item was saved from the landfill and will go on to live a longer life as a storage bench!

“I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake.”

George Bernard Shaw


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