Upcycled: Wine Bottle Raised Bed

wine bottle raised bed

I went to a party in Bellingham Washington and the people hosting had created raised beds out of beer bottles. I was so inspired that when I was gifted 250 empty wine bottles I immediately set to work on building this amazing and easy raised bed out of the donated empty bottles.

I did not bother to cut down into the lawn as the ground was level so I started to build the bed right over the grass. (If the ground is uneven you might want to remove some of the existing dirt or add more soil to make a level area).

You can lay down landscaping cloth or cardboard to help block out any potential weeds growing up from the lawn or you can just leave the ground as it is.

I placed the bottoms of the wine bottles against a board I was using as a straight edge. Once the front was all perfectly lined up I curved the edge by putting the necks of the wine bottles closer together.

When the bottom row was in place I packed top soil around the necks of the wine bottles. The dirt helps add stability to keep all the bottles in place.

Start the next level of bottles the same way only place them between the bottles on the lower level so that they nest (rest them on the area that the lower bottles meet side by side).

When the next level is all in place, pack dirt around the necks of all the wine bottles again. The bottles should not be able to shift much at all now.

Keep adding layers of bottles until the desired height is reached. Remember to pack dirt around the necks of all the bottles every time you add a new layer.

When the raised bed is high enough, fill the newly made raised bed with top soil and plant.

This raised bed is insulated as the bottles are hollow which will help keep your garden going a little bit longer while making a great conversation piece.

Help out the environment by upcycling and repurposing items that might end up in landfills or that will require energy to recycle. This is certainly an interesting little environmentally friendly project!


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