Wildlife In Suburban Life

hawk in my neighborhood

Even in the suburbs my neighborhood teems with wildlife. Years ago I spotted a deer in someone’s front yard. There, in the middle of the city, I knew I was out of place.

A hawk (I believe it to be a Red-tailed hawk) alights on the chimney next door. I once found him in my 75 year old rhododendrons in the front yard.

I had the misfortune of losing my Mason Bee colony to a Pileated-woodpecker who happily dined at my bee condo for a week.

Occasionally I find a Downy Woodpecker picking at my lawn, but like so many of my guests, he was so very camera shy.

There are Steller’s Jays calling a harsh SHACK-Sheck-sheck-sheck-sheck-sheck, and pompously flitting on low slung branches.

We have black squirrels and grey squirrels whose death defying act on the telephone pole high wires is delightfully riveting and  equally comical.

There is a family of  wild bunnies that has politely lived in my neighborhood for years without so much as a nibble at my veggie garden.

Occasionally I see a bald eagle doing it’s majestic soar over our streets or hear him laughing a throaty chortle.

We have rats. Yes we do. They are ravaging my cured squash in the garage. It is an ongoing battle. My live traps are just not that interesting as organic, heirloom veggies I suppose.

We have the usual crows that drink from our eaves-trough in the summer months.

There are Dark-eyed Juncos and Spotted Towhees that hang about.

I am always amused at the friendliness of the Chickadees and enjoy their calls of chick-a-dee-dee-dee; delightful!

We have bees, especially when the white clover blooms in the lawn.

There are seagulls possessively pecking at garbage bags on garbage day.

Once in a while masked bandits roam through our back yards. We do not see many raccoon, but they are around.

Robins like to hunt for worms in the mossy lawns and undergrowth.

Canadian geese fly in chevrons over our house honking as if in a mid air traffic jam.

At the man-made lake at the end of the street we have a plethora of water fowl including Cormorants, Mallards, and Coots. Sometimes we have special guests like Ospreys, Grebes, Wigeons, Scaups, buffleheads, Teals and Mergansers. There are also Red Eared Sliders in the summer on the shoreline and on warm summer nights you can watch bats doing aerial acrobats.

There is nature all around, sometimes I just need to look a little closer to find the hidden beauty in this suburban land.


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