A Homesteader’s Tools Of The Trade In The Kitchen


We take so much of our modern life for granted that I wanted to put together a list of kitchen items I find indispensable right now. As my homesteading journey evolves I imagine so will my necessities. I hope by compiling this list I will be able to downsize my wants versus needs that clutter my kitchen cupboards and counter tops.

  • Crock pot (This is great for brewing teas like Chagga and I have barely even begun to dabble in cooking with this amazing tool. It is also great for keeping my fermented foods next to on the counter to keep their temperature even.)
  • Egg beater (No electricity needed! These are great for whipping cream or really whipping cream to make butter!)
  • Apple peeler/corer (No electricity needed! This is great for dealing with large amounts of fruit at a time. Make pies, apple sauces, chutneys, compotes and then use the peelings to make vinegar)
  • Emulsion blender (This electric whip stick is amazing for blending sauces, whipping potatoes, and making soups)
  • Knives (We all need at least a few good knives to prepare food properly)
  • Food dehydrator (I plan to upgrade to a larger food dehydrator so that I can preserve even more bounty. Make jerky, fruit leather, dry spices, sun dried tomatoes, fruit snacks etc.)
  • Pressure canner (Preserve your own foods in jars. Avoids eating out of cans with who knows what sort of additives and preservatives added.)
  • Swing top home brew bottles (I found a bunch of these beer bottles at the thrift store and I use them for bottling my fermented beverages)
  • Fermenting jars (I made my fermenting jars using the following link http://joybileefarm.com/food-preservation-lacto-fermented-vegetables/ )
  • A large glass mixing bowl (These are great for kneading bread in or mixing up fermented foods)
  • A large dutch oven (important for making large soups and stews and so much more)
  • Mason jars (Not only good for canning but great for storing dried goods to keep out pests)
  • Electric kettle (This method to boil water uses less energy than an electric stove top or the microwave)
  • Water filter (I use city water and in order to ferment foods I need chlorine free water so filtration is a must)
  • Stove top popcorn maker (We don’t have a microwave and do not want the extra chemicals used in packaged popcorn so this makes a great treat!)
  • Sauce pot and frying pan (I do believe I use these items almost every day)
  • Counter top compost bucket (The easiest way to make sure kitchen scraps will turn into black gold)
  • Food processor (Make nut butters, grind spices or anything else for a gritty to fine texture)
  • Mortar and Pestle (No electricity needed! See Food processor)
  • Toaster oven (Great for small cooking jobs to use less energy and to not heat up the house)
  • Cookie sheets (Great for most of your baking needs and for drying foods and cooking meats and fish)
  • Can opener (No electricity needed! The purpose of this tool is self explanatory)
  • Coffee filters (I use these to cover fermenting projects to keep out dust and pests)
  • Freezer bags (To preserve food)
  • Loaf tin (Perfect for breads quick and yeast risen as well as meat and fish loafs!
  • Dish clothes and tea towels  (I am not a fan of disposable items so these are a must for drying and clean up projects)
  • Plastic storage containers (I am iffy on this one. Plastic does not break so they are good for packing lunches and many plastic containers nest so they themselves store easily in the cupboard, but I don’t know how I really feel about eating out of plastic)
  • Plastic cutlery (These are not disposable in our house. I wash then again and again and use them to pack lunches so that if they do get forgotten at work or school it is not the end of the world)
  • Silicon baking square (I use this for making no bake desserts, jello, and granola bars)

This list is not a list of everything I have in my kitchen but it is a list of the items I deem important or really useful!


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