Baby It’s Cold… Inside? Keeping Warm In Winter Without Breaking The Bank.


I live in an old house with lots of charm and plenty of draughts. Here are some helpful hints I use to keep warm inside during winter while being mindful of Mother Nature and my wallet.

  1. Figure out the cheapest heat source you have available and use that. My house is heated with a gas furnace so I keep the thermostat set to a constant 65 degrees and then I use electric heaters to warm up a specific room I am occupying if necessary. (Electricity is cheaper where I live).
  2. Bundle up. Put on a sweater and slippers to keep warmer.
  3. When sitting cover up with a blanket.
  4. Heat unoccupied rooms less by closing the door and shutting any heat vents or turning down the heat to that room. Just make sure the room is dry so that you do not start growing mold.
  5. Close window coverings at night and open them in the morning to let in the warming winter sun.
  6. Use plastic sheeting to cover windows. You don’t need expensive plastic to cover windows. I use shower curtains to add a little extra insulation to my single pane windows.
  7. Calk around window frames to seal up leaks.
  8. Add adhesive foam strips to door frames to create a tighter seal.
  9. Roll up towels to block draughts from under doors.
  10. Use rugs on floors to insulate and keep feet feeling warmer.
  11. Bake something and then leave the oven door open after you turn the oven off.
  12. Open the dryer door once the load is finished drying to let out any remaining warmth.
  13. Do not use the exhaust fan in the bathroom or above the stove. This is sucking out your warm air!
  14. Change your bedding for winter. Add a warmer comforter, add more blankets or thicker sheets.
  15. Make sure you change your furnace filters and keep the furnace in good repair. Vacuum out vents and heat registers.
  16. Find a snuggle buddy. My dog is a great foot warmer in bed.
  17. Use a hot water bottle or an electric blanket.
  18. Eat some warm comfort food or wrap your hands around a warm mug of your favorite hot beverage.
  19. Get active. Doing some housework is a great way to warm up.
  20.  Make sure heat vents and registers are uncovered. Arrange your furniture to get better heat flow.
  21. Shower with the bathroom door open to raise the humidity.
  22. Hang up heavier curtains or use blankets to help insulate windows more. Even doors can be covered with a blanket to keep more heat in.
  23. Get out of the house and go somewhere warmer. You don’t have to heat your house as much if you are somewhere else.
  24. Use cheap emergency blankets or tinfoil to reflect heat back into house by placing behind curtains.
  25. Close doors to keep heat in rooms you are occupying. I sleep with my bedroom door shut at night to keep the warmth in.
  26. Add insulation to attics.

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