When You Call a Woman the “H” Word

I am going to make housewife not a dirty word.

I am a housewife. Easily it can be presumed, often out loud, that I am a stay at home mom. Correction, with no minions running amok in my domicile that handle is not really applicable. I once had a sour faced woman announce that it must be nice to sit at home and watch soap operas all day. Belligerently I agreed it was. I mean, really, did I need to whip out a resume to justify my career path?

I recently quit my job as a secretary in the BIG city. I was working ten hour shifts, four days a week, with a two hour commute each day. If I was lucky enough to get eight hours sleep, that left me with exactly four hours a day to do everything that needed doing. Showering became a luxury. I actually calculated out that the money I earned for the first hour of every work day went to commuting. Ponder that for a moment. Nights I got home late would involve prepackaged food or takeaway which could easily eat up another hour’s pay. Most of my coworkers went out for lunch, which fortunately was not a ritual I participated in as that would cost me one more hour’s pay. Then there was the cellphone, the work clothes and all the other expenses that slowly diminished my earnings. So as I sat in my windowless office planning out my doomed escape if the zombie apocalypse occurred while I was at work, I realized I was working to support a lifestyle that really only allowed me to work.

My mom always said that whatever job you do, do it well and that is all that matters. I soon realized that a job title offered just another way for people to try and label me. In the past I had many jobs. I was a sex educator, I worked cleaning up a garage, I was a gas station attendant, I was a nanny and a daycare worker, I worked with special needs children, I was a pole dancing instructor, I worked in a gluten free muffin factory scooping muffins, I was a delivery driver for auto-parts, I did renovation work, and finally I was a secretary.

I never minded doing grunt work because at least my thoughts were still mine, but as I sat in my office with someone else’s name on the door I started fantasizing about doing housework. You heard me, housework. I started to question the usefulness of those spreadsheets I was doing compared to the tasks I could be completing at home.

It is easy to make your self worth the sum of your pay cheque, but the old adage a penny saved is a penny earned makes a lot of sense.

This blog is going to be about my adventures and follies as a housewife.


5 thoughts on “When You Call a Woman the “H” Word

  1. Just stumbled on your blog! I love it! Being a housewife is my ultimate dream! Definitely shouldn’t be a dirty word! (even though I feel a little embarassed or ashamed to admit that I want to quit my job & be a housewife). I too have daydreamed of doing housework, yard work, gardening, etc! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your blog!

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